Visit to SSE CHNPP - Conditions for route "Observation"
Conditions of services for visiting the Chornobyl NPP for route "Observation"
Foreign and Ukrainian groups of visitors and individual citizens having a duly issued electronic ticket to the Exclusion zone, have the opportunity to visit the facilities within SSE ChNPP sanitary protective zone and to take photo & video shooting along the route (except for shooting of technical protection equipment and checkpoints),including on sites in front of ISF-2, memorial to the Chernobyl heroes in front of ChNPP AB-1, cooling pond, Shelter Object Observation Site.

Visiting of the facilities within SSE ChNPP sanitary protection zone is payable. Payment is based on approved rates.

An application for visiting ChNPP sanitary protective zone should be submitted on ChNPP website in electronic form at the site "Visit", the route "Observation", in advance, but not later than within the timeframes indicated on website "Visit" for electronic application submission - visit.chnpp. gov.ua.

The application should contain the following information:
  • personal data of a private person or legal details of the agencies, organizing the visit, as well as contact data;
  • No of application /Electronic Ticket of the Center of organization, technical & information support (COTIS);
  • date of visit;
  • number of visitors.

When the application filling, the visitor / visit organizer ensure that the visit participants:
  • are familiarized with these Terms and Conditions of stay on the Exclusion zone territory, provided on the website visit.chnpp.gov.ua;
  • have no medical contraindications to stay within the area with increased level of ionizing radiation, exposure obtained during the year does not exceed 0.9 mSv;
  • are agreed with the conditions for services provision in field of observation visit to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant;
  • will leave ChNPP sanitary protective zone before 16:30 at the date of a visit.

Payment (full prepayment) for the visit is made by any of the ways proposed at the website "Visit" for the electronic submission of applications.

After checking the data and confirmation of payment Chornobyl NPP sends to the organizer an electronic ticket for stay within ChNPP sanitary protective zone and the necessary information no later than one day before the visit.

All visits on the route "Observation" are escorted by COTIS representative.

Availability of an electronic ticket in printed or electronic form can be verified by ChNPP physical protection specialist at any listed above ChNPP facilities.

The absence of an electronic ticket during the stay on ChNPP sanitary protective zone territory will result in penalties imposing on the visit organizer.

During the visit, SSE ChNPP doesn’t provide transportation, information support, personal protective equipment, or nutrition.

Motivated refusal in visit can be issued based on the results of the Application processing.

Reasons for refusal in visiting the Exclusion zone and Zone of unconditional (mandatory) resettlement and ChNPP sanitary protective zone are:
  • if the visitor is under the age of 18;
  • provision of false information in the Application;
  • occurrence of unfavorable weather conditions;
  • threat of an emergency situation or fire in a fire hazard period;
  • implementation of technological, repair, research and other works, making impossible the stay of unnecessary people within the territory of the Exclusion zone and Zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement and ChNPP sanitary protective zone;
  • in case of receiving the information from the law enforcement agencies about involvement of a person in terrorist activities;
  • non-payment in due time;
  • in other cases, based on the norms of the legislative and regulatory documents, including the regulatory documents of the superior, supervisory, controlling organizations that make it impossible to organize the visit.

In case of the visit refusal/cancellation due to the fault of Chornobyl NPP, or due to unfavorable conditions or in case of threat of an emergency, fires, repairs and other activities, the payment will be refunded within the 15-day period to the account from which the funds were received, in the amount of 100% of the amount paid in UAH equivalent at NBU rate on the date of refunding. At the request of the visitor, the visit can be postponed to the other date upon agreement. In case of a visit cancellation for reasons other than the above, payment is not refunded.

If necessary, after the visit Chornobyl NPP provides the Certificate of services rendered.

SSE ChNPP doesn’t responsible for any damages caused to visitor/organizer health or property, incurred before, during or after visits to other visitors, visits organizers, third parties, as well as for occurred as a result of radiation exposure and impact of other harmful factors, natural disaster, animals, etc.

SSE ChNPP doesn’t responsible for any damage caused to health, property of the visitor/organizer before, during or after the visits caused by actions or failure to act by services providing the automobile movement, public utilities or other services providing services to visitors/organizers.

By submission of application on ChNPP website, the visitor / organizer confirms that he is familiarized fully agreed with all the conditions of ChNPP visit.