Visit to SSE CHNPP - Conditions for route "Basic Plus"
Conditions of services for visiting the Chornobyl NPP for route "Basic Plus"
Groups of Foreign and Ukrainian visitors and individual citizens may visit ChNPP for familiarization purpose according to specific, specially developed "Basic Plus" route.
Weekend tours are available only for members of the public who visit the Exclusion Zone as part of an organised visiting group and enter through the Checkpoint "Dytiatky". The route of the visit starts from the ChNPP Administrative Building-1.

Acceptance and information support services are fee-based services. Payment is made according to the approved tariffs.

The group formation starts with submission of online application for visiting at ChNPP web-site visit.chnpp.gov.ua.

Visitors may submit individual application and application for group of up to 15 persons.

The group application is arranged by the organizer, and information in the application form is provided individually for every group member.

Discount is provided for the organizer in case of a group application submission:
  • for a group of 5-10 people - 10%;
  • for a group of 11-15 people - 15%.

The visit application is submitted in due time, but not later than 14 calendar days prior the visit date.

When you fill the application, you should fill all the fields of the application form and provide information, including:
  • personal data of the person or the legal details of the institution organizing the visit, as well as contact details;
  • surname, first name, patronymic, nationality, passport or other identification document data for every group member, the clothing, shoes size. If the organizer participates in the visit, he should provide also his personal data.

In addition, together with filled application for you should provide a scanned copy of the first page of your passport for every visitor.

All participants should fill in and sign the Form for ChNPP Dosimetry Control (link),which should be available at the visitor and before the visit should be handed over to the accompanying personnel from ChNPP.

The application should be filled without any abbreviations.

When filling the application form, the visitor / organizer agrees to fulfill a number of mandatory requirements by participants, and ensure that the visit participants:
  • are familiar with these terms and conditions of stay within the Exclusion zone posted at the web-site visit.chnpp.gov.ua;
  • have no medical contraindications for stay within the area with high ionizing radiation levels, the impact caused during the year does not exceed 0.9 mSv;
  • are agree with processing of their personal data;
  • prior to the beginning of the visit will provide the Chornobyl NPP responsible personnel with the filled and signed health and physics control form for every person.

In addition, before to start the visit visitor/organizer is obliged to check availability of
  • identity card corresponding to the one indicated in the submitted Application;
  • filled and signed health and physics control form for every person

Payment (full prepayment) for the visit within the specified time is made:
  • for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on bank account details;
  • for individuals, by any of the methods proposed at the web-site  of the “Visit Application Form”.

After the data verification and payment confirmation Chornobyl NPP will, no later than seven days before the visit, send to the visitor / organizer the necessary information and detailed instructions for the visit.

The program will be prepared and approved based on the result of the application review, it is the basis for entry to Chornobyl NPP territory, or visit refusal will be issued with appropriate justification.

The grounds for refusing the visit into the Exclusion zone and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement are the following:
  • persons who have not reached the age of eighteen years;
  • provision of unreliable data in the application;
  • unfavorable weather conditions;
  • threat of an emergency situation or fire during a fire-hazardous period;
  • performance of repair (research, technological) and other works that make it impossible for unauthorized persons to stay on the territory of the Exclusion zone and the zone of unconditional (mandatory) resettlement;
  • in case of obtaining information from law enforcement agencies about the involvement of a person in terrorist activities;
  • failure to pay within the established timeframe;
  • in other cases, based on the norms of legislative and regulatory acts, including administrative documents of higher organizations, supervisory, controlling organizations, making it impossible to organize visits.

All visits to Chornobyl NPP for familiarization purposes are one-day visits.

Travel to the Chornobyl NPP is carried out from Slavutych town (Kiev region, Ukraine) by railway transport. In case of independent entry of the visitor to the Exclusion zone through the checkpoint "Dytyatky" / "Parishiv", the time and place of joining the group will be specified during the visit organization.

During the visit Chornobyl NPP SSP provides transportation from Slavutych to Chornobyl NPP by train, vehicle for movement within the site, access to the premises/facilities according to the route, information support in Ukrainian/Russian/English languages, radiation control, personal protective equipment, lunch.

Travel to/from Slavutych, as well as, if necessary, accommodation in the hotel / hostels of Slavutych town is within the personal responsibility of the visitor / organizer.

In case of refusal / cancellation of the visit due to the fault of Chornobyl NPP or because of unfavourable conditions or threat of emergency, fire, repair and other works, the payment is refunded to the Payer within 120 days to the account/bank card account, from which the funds were received in the amount of 100% of the paid amount in UAH equivalent. For this purpose, you should compile a letter-request for refunding in the Visit System, then confirm your request for refunding by printing this compiled letter-request, affixing your signature to it, and forwarding both this letter to the e-mail address specified in the letter and the signed scanned copy to the e-mail address specified on the website.

If the letter-request has not been confirmed within 30 days, the amount for the unimplemented visit will be automatically refunded to the “virtual balance”. The amounts for the unimplemented visits can also be refunded to the Organizer’s “virtual balance” and then can be used for the subsequent applications for any routes until the balance amount has been exhausted.

At the request of a visitor a visit can be postponed to another date as agreed.

In case of the visit cancellation for reasons other than those mentioned above, the payment is not refundable.

If necessary, Chornobyl NPP shall, at the end of the visit, provide the Deed of the services provided.

Chornobyl NPP shall not be liable for any damages caused to the health, property of the visitor / organizer - inflicted before, during, after the visit by other visitors, visit organizers, third parties, as well as due to the effects of radiation and other harmful factors, natural disaster, animals, etc.

Chornobyl NPP shall not be liable for any losses caused to the health, property of the visitor / organizer - inflicted before, during, after the visit by the actions or omissions of the services ensuring the traffic, utilities or other services providing services to the visitors / organizers. Submitting the application at Chornobyl NPP website, the visitor/organizer confirms that he or she is familiar with and fully agrees with all the terms and conditions of Chornobyl NPP visiting.

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