Visit to SSE CHNPP - Conditions for route "Basic"
Conditions of services for visiting the Chornobyl NPP for route "Basic"
Foreign and Ukrainian groups of visitors and individuals can visit the SSE ChNPP for information purposes.

Reception and information support services are chargeable. The payment shall be made according to the approved rates.

Formation of a group shall begin with the submitting an on-line visit request on the ChNPP web-site https://visit.chnpp.gov.ua.

A visit request can be submitted both by individuals and by groups, the number of people in a group should be not more than 15 people. A group request shall be drawn-up through a facilitator. In such a case, information in the request shall be submitted individually for each participant of the group. 
In case of drawing up the group request, a facilitator shall be given a discount:
  • for a group of 5-10 people – 10%;
  • for a group of 11-15 people – 15%.

The visit request shall be submitted in advance, but not later than 14 calendar days before the date of the visit.

When drawing-up the request, all fields of a form shall be completed and the following information shall be provided:
  • personal data of a physical person or legal details of an entity that organize the visit, and contact information as well;
  • surname, first name and patronymic name, citizenship, details of a passport or personal identification document of each member of the group, clothes and shoe size data. In case the facilitator participates in the visit, he/she shall also give the information about himself/herself.

In addition, when drawing-up the request, one should add a scanned copy of the first page of the passport for each visitor.

The request shall be completed without acronyms and abbreviations.

When completing the request, a visitor/visit facilitator shall agree that the visitors would meet a number of mandatory requirements and guarantee that the visit participants:
  • are briefed on these Conditions and Rules of staying within the Exclusion Zone available on the website (https://visit.chnpp.gov.ua);
  • do not have medical contradictions for staying within the zone with a higher level of ionizing radiation, and the effect caused during the current year does not exceed 0.9 mSv;
  • agree to the personal data processing; and
  • should leave the ChNPP sanitary protection zone by 16:30 of the visit day.

Payment (full pre-payment) for the visit within the time specified shall be made:
  • for legal entities and sole proprietors to the banking details;
  • for physical persons via any method proposed on an electronic request submission page “Visit”.

After checking the data and confirming the payment receipt, the Chornobyl NPP not later than seven days before the visit shall send the necessary information and detailed visit instructions to the visitor/facilitator.

Upon the results of the Request consideration, a programme shall be prepared and agreed, which is the ground for entering the Chornobyl NPP area, or a motivated refusal of the visit shall be given.

The reasons for refusal of visiting the Exclusion Zone and the Absolute (Obligatory) Resettlement Zone shall be the following:
  • non-attaining 18 years of age by the specified persons;
  • submission of unreliable information in the request;
  • occurrence of unfavorable weather conditions;
  • danger of an emergency or a fire during the fire season;
  • repair (research and developments, technological) and other activities that make it impossible for the outside persons to stay within the Exclusion Zone and the Absolute (Obligatory) Resettlement Zone;
  • in case of receiving information from the law enforcement agencies about the involvement of a person into the terrorist activities;
  • the payment failure within the established deadline;
  • in other circumstances based on legislation and regulations, including administrative documents of superior, supervisory and regulatory organizations making the visit organization impossible.

All visits to the Chornobyl NPP for information purposes shall be one-day visits.

Travel to the ChNPP shall start from Slavutych (Kyiv Region, Ukraine) by railway transport. If a visitor enters the Exclusion Zone independently through the “Dytiatky”/”Paryshiv” Checkpoints, the time and place of his/her joining the main group will be specified when organizing the visit.

During a visit the SSE ChNPP shall provide transfer from Slavutych to the ChNPP site by railway transport, automobile transport for movement within the site, access to the premises/facilities according to the route, information support in the Ukrainian/Russian/English, radiation monitoring, personal protection equipment, lunch.

Travel to/from Slavutych, as well as, if required, check-in to the city’s hotel/hostels shall be made by a visitor/facilitator independently.

If a visit is refused/cancelled due to the fault of the ChNPP or due to unfavorable conditions or danger of an emergency, fire, repair and other activities, the refund shall be made within 15 days to the account from which the money were received, in 100% amount from the paid sum expressed in the Ukrainian hryvnias. At the visitor’s request, the visit may be rescheduled for another date on agreement. In case of cancellation of a visit for reasons other than the above, the payment shall not be returned.

If required, the ChNPP shall give an Act of Provided Services after end of a visit.

The SSE ChNPP shall not bear responsibility for any damages to health and property of a visitor/facilitator inflicted before, during and after the visit by other visitors, facilitators of visits, third parties, as well as by effect of radiation and other harmful factors, natural disaster, animals, etc.

The SSE ChNPP shall not bear responsibility for any damages to health and property of a visitor/facilitator inflicted before, during and after the visit by actions or failure to act of the service agencies that keep order of automobile traffic, municipal or other service agencies that provide services to visitors/facilitators. By placing the request on the SSE ChNPP web-site, a visitor/facilitator shall confirm that he/she has read and absolutely agree to all the Conditions for visiting the SSE ChNPP.