Visit to SSE CHNPP - Route "Basic"
Route "Basic"
Slavutich Railway Station
Place of meeting with the attendant: you will be familiarized with the rules of stay within the Exclusion zone, your documents and dress code will be checked. Then you take the train to SSE ChNPP. *

Checkpoint "Semikhody"
ID check. Here you have the opportunity to see the first and largest SSE ChNPP’s cloth change facility. The group takes the vehicle. *

* Important notice! Weekend tours are available only for members of the public who visit the Exclusion Zone as part of an organised visiting group and enter through the Checkpoint "Dytiatky".
The route of the visit starts from the ChNPP Administrative Building-1.

Administrative Building (AB-1)
ChNPP Head Office. You will be provided with the admittance card and your ID documents and personal belongings will be checked.

Protective Facility No 1
You will visit the unique protective facility designed to protect the personnel in case of emergency situations.

Restricted area
Familiarization with the nuclear reactor control rooms, auxiliary systems for electricity generation and the systems currently being used to monitor the Shelter Object status:
  • Central Control Room (CCR-1) – place of open switchgear control and Plant’s Shift Supervisor workplace.
  • Unit Control Room (UCR),where all main technological processes were controlled during Reactor operation.
  • Skala. A unique electronic computing machine which appeared in 1973 at the Leningrad NPP and was named "SCALA" - Reactor Monitoring System of Leningrad NPP. Subsequently, it was also installed at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It was the central information link, which united most of the control systems of the power unit into a single automated monitoring system for technological process of NPP.
  • Unit 3 Main Circulation Pumps (MCP) used for water supply to the Reactor Core.
  • Valeriy Khodymchuk Commemorative plaque – in memory of an MCP operator, who died in the performance of his duties, his body was never found.
    Lunch (Canteen No. 19)
    Set meal according to healthful and dietary meals standards, the same as for ChNPP personnel

    Bypass Channel Bridge
    You will see, and with a little luck, feed famous Chornobyl catfishes with bread

    Liquidators Memorial
    You will obtain information about the first victims of the Chornobyl accident occurred in 1986 and about the emergency actions to eliminate the disaster.

    SO Observation Pavilion
    Based on the Shelter object mock-up you will be informed about the history of the construction of the first protective structure over Unit 4, you will be also familiarized with the history of New Safe Confinement construction.

    Checkpoint "Semikhody"
    Your personal clothes and belongings will be checked for contamination, and then you will take an electric train to Slavutich.

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