Visit to SSE CHNPP - Cost to visit SSE CHNPP
Cost to visit SSE CHNPP
Payment for organization of an information visit to the SSE ChNPP shall be made only by electronic or non-cash means.
Payment by cash is not accepted.

Route "Observation"
The cost of the "Observation" visit (external ChNPP facilities) is: 272 hryvnias 94 kopecks.

Route "Basic"
The cost of a familiarization visit on the route "Basic" is: 2700 hryvnias.

Discounts available for a group request for route "Basic":
  • from 5 to 10 people – 10%
  • from 11 to more people – 15%

The cost covers the following services:
  • Drawing up of a visit programme
  • Accompanying throughout the entire tour
  • Safety briefing
  • Services of an interpreter (for foreign and mixed groups)
  • Transfer through the territory
  • Set lunch in a ChNPP canteen
  • Personal protection equipment (shoe covers, respiratory protection equipment, overalls)
  • Certificate of a dose received (on request)
  • Execution of a certificate of services rendered (on request)

Visitors shall obtain the insurance individually as desired at agencies chosen by them.