Visit to SSE CHNPP - Route "Observation"
Route "Observation"
ISF-2 (Interim Storage Facility-2 for Spent Fuel)
The area in front of the spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility (ISF-2) buildings, outside the security protected perimeter

Cooling Tower
The incomplete building of the cooling tower intended for Power Unit 5 water cooling and heat removal

Bypass channel
A bridge over the bypass channel coming from the Chornobyl NPP Cooling Pond, watching and feeding the so-called “Chornobyl” catfishes.

Memorial to Chornobyl Heroes
The memorial paying tribute to the Chornobyl heroes; this memorial consists of some elements including the sculptural composition of Prometheus removed here from the town of Prypiat

Observation site
The observation area situated near the monument to liquidators 300 meters from the arch of New Safe Confinement and Shelter facility